Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Faith & Leadership Recap: What are you listening to?

For the past few weeks on Sunday evenings we've been having a discussion on communication with God.

How do we communicate with God?  

How does God communicate with us?

Two weeks ago, we started by talking about distractions.  Before we can talk about how we can listen to God, we must first talk about what we're already listening to instead.  What's distracting us?

We created an entire list (actually two!) of things that we consider distractions:

During our discussion on this past Sunday evening, we talked about the fact that distractions aren't necessarily bad things, and that sometimes distractions can even allow us to hear God.  Sometimes we use things to distract us from our normal life stresses and release our minds, like sports, music, art, or reading.  But even if distractions in general aren't always negative, what does it say about our lives that we need distractions from our distractions?!

This topic brought up a new question: how do we know when we're actually hearing God?  What about that voice inside our heads that keeps talking even when we finally find silence?  Is that God, or is God at least connected to that in some way?

That's where we'll pick up next week, on February 9th, during Faith & Leadership.  Sunday evenings, 5:45-7:00 p.m. in the Youth Suite.

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