Monday, October 31, 2011

Leadership Team for Fall Retreat 2011

Last night we had a great meeting with the leadership team to discuss how they are going to be a part of our Fall Retreat this weekend (Nov. 5-6) at Camp Pyoca.  As a group, we decided to lead a 10-minute session at the beginning of each group curriculum time to talk about prayer.  Our discussion notes are as follows:

What is prayer?
What should it be?
Something that speaks to you (music, poetry, art, etc.)
Personal prayer, public prayer, nonverbal prayer

Writing our own prayers (S. Clark "on the track" likes this)
Group prayer
Guide on how to pray
Breaking mental blocks to prayer

**Kirsten apologizes for the smudges, she's a lefty**

So we decided that for each of our four teaching times, we will lead a discussion on:

1) What is Prayer?
2) Personal Prayer
3) Group Prayer (in small groups)
4) Reflection on Prayer

Think about these things throughout this week and add more ideas and details or volunteer to lead certain things in the comments of the blog!

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